Monday, May 19, 2014

New Pazzles Invue and Pro 2014 software

Klo's Classroom

This is going to be fun and exciting class. I will be showing you some of the features that are currently in the InVue software that will be in the box of every new Inspiration Vue machine when it ships. I will also be showing you some highlights of the Pro 2014 software that is going to be available as an optional add on to your Inspiration Vue for $50.00 (or buy outright for $60.00)
Join us starting Sunday Morning at 5am, 1pm and 7pm (all times are USA Central, Chicago Time). If you are not sure what time that is in your location, go to the World Time Conversion site to see what time you will join us.

So I attended a class last night on the differences between the new Invue software that comes with the new machine and the Pro 2014 software that can be an additional add on if I choose. It is only $50.00 with the purchase of the Invue machine and $60.00 if I just want to upgrade my current machine.  I think the price is FABULOUS!!!  That's really inexpensive and affordable for just about anyone! Of course I am getting the new Invue machine and the new 2014 software!!  

I was blown away with both software offers but I must say I lean towards the Invue as it seems to be a little more user friendly and has some great features in it! That being said there are a few features I can see myself using over and over in the 2014 pro, and since I am already comfortable with the 2010 pro the new features in the 2014 pro are a big plus. I can see myself switching back and forth between the two on a lot of projects, pulling features from both.  

If you haven't seen the video comparison of both softwares check it out here!

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