Saturday, October 9, 2010

When Pigs Fly Picture

I was waiting to upload this becasue it was enroute to a friend of mine and I didn't want her to see it before she got it.  I am really getting into these 3D pics.  And once again I designed the pig and wings on my Pazzles cut it out and glued it with 3D dots onto cloud paper.  I got the frames at Khole's 5 for $20.00 not bad.


Another Purse..Yup, another one...tee hee

Another renidition of the previouse purse I made.  This one was for one of my DD's friends who was having a birthday party.  I also made a matching wallet to go with it.  We loaded it up with candy, lip balms, nail polish and silly  Oh and of course we put $$ in the wallet!


He Loves Me Picture

I made this pic for a friend of mine.  It was her Christmas present.  I used a shadow box type of frame so I could make the flower 3D.  And of course I designed and cut the flower on my Pazzles!  Gotta love that machine!  I didn't get very good pics becasue I finished it right before I was headed over to her house to give it to her.  So, I kinda took them on the fly...tee hee.


I sprayed the center of the flower with homemade "glimmer" mists.  I used copper, black and white.   I also chalked the edges of the flower petals and leaves to give them a little more dimention.

Candy Container

I made this candy container for my son's teacher. She carries a plastic baggy of skittles around with her and gives the kiddos a skittle when they behave in line and in the bathroom. The container is just a recycled creamer bottle...see I really am trying to be "green"


Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Cupcakes

As promised, we broke into the 4th of July cupcakes and I wanted to show you the insides. Of course I cut the pinwheels using my Pazzles.

This is what it looks like without the foil liner on it.

This is what the insides look fun fun!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes...They taste as good as they look!

My kiddos just loved these!  They are a little work to make but with very fun results! I got the recipe from one of my favorite cooking sites...Our Best Bites.  Lots of yummy recipes can be found there!

4th of July Red, White and Blue Cupcakes

These are the cupcakes I made for 4th of july.  When we eat them I will post a pic of the insides...I colored the batter so the inside of the cupcake is Red, White and Blue too!.  Kinda like the rainbow cupcakes. I made the pinwheel toppers using two-sided scrapbooking paper, my Pazzles, glue and some flat toothpicks. 

Paper Purse

I purchaced the instructions for this purse, tweeked it a little and created a Pazzles file for it.  I made it for my Secret Sister on Scrapfreak.  I put microwave popcorn in it because it was one of her favorite snacks.  Since I made it Pazzles file I can make it basically any size I want it so I have one in the making right now that will fit two Girradelli squares in it.  Very cute.  

4th of July Altered Jiffy Pop.

This is a party favor I made for our 4th of July party guests.  I created the fire crackers and letters on my Pazzles Creative Cutter...and alas I waited the the very last minute to get these done again...hmmm  I see a pattern forming

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sketch Challenge

May's Sketch

This is a layout I did using May's sketch challenge on Scrap Freak.  If you haven't visited yet you need to. Very cool site!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Small Watering Can

This is a smaller version of the watering can I made previously.  I filled this one with candy in a celo bag tied it off with ribbon and glued little flowers to the top so it looks like a bouquet in the watering can.  I made these for the office staff and lunch ladies for a Easter treat.

Valentines Bird House Treat Box

I made these little birdhouses from a milk carton file I have on my Pazzles Creative Cutter.  I designed the roof file and added a heart cut out to the side of the milk container.  I filled it with Hershey's Nuggets covered in Valentines scrapbooking paper. I covered the heart shaped hole with clear cellophane so the nuggest wouldn't fall out.  I made them for the office staff and lunch ladies at my kiddles school.

Easter Treats!

I made these little Easter treats bags for my kiddo's classmates.  I designed the file and cut everything using my Pazzles Creative Cutter. The "body" is just a clear celo bag and I just used glue dots to add the feet, hands, head and tail.