Friday, February 28, 2014

Tardis Bleach Resist Shirt

One of my daughter's BFFs was having a birthday and he is obsessed with Dr. Who.  I made him this T-shirt using Pazzles vinyl and a bleach resist technique. I made two. One for my daughter and one for him. My daughter doesn't really watch Dr. Who but she wanted to walk into school with it on to see what his reaction would be before he knew he was getting one.  It was a funny sight to  

The teachers saw it and loved it. Next week is space week and each classroom was assigned a planet. Sooooo I will be using this technique to make each of them a t-shirt with their assigned planet on it. I think they are going to be cool. 

Here are some loose directions...tee hee

First I found a Tardis image that I liked on line and traced it using my Pazzles Pro software

Then I cut the Tardis out using permanent vinyl. I used transfer tape to transfer the cut out image to my shirt. I pressed it down really hard, to be sure it was stuck to the shirt.  I even used a rolling pin to be sure I got all the edges. I peeled the transfer tape off and ran my finger firmly over the more detailed parts of the design, just to be sure. 

I put the shirt on a platen so the bleach would not soak through to the back. A big piece of cardboard will work just as well. 

Then I just sprayed it with a bleach cleaner. I know you can use a mixture of water and bleach but the bleach cleaner was handy and worked great.  I used a misting bottle. You can get one at Walmart in the travel section. Then I used a larger sprayer to get larger drops so it looked like stars.  

Don't get to close to the shirt when you are spraying the bleach. You don't want to soak it or the bleach will get under the vinyl.  Also it takes a few mins for the bleach to take effect. At first it looks like nothing is happening then right before your very eyes you start seeing it work. I recommend that you spray several light coats and us a blow dryer between each coat. It worked great this way and I got some incredible details. 

I originally tried it out on an old t-shirt using contact paper and it didn't seem to work as well as the vinyl. I don't think it was as sticky enough so it didn't get clean edges like I did when I used the vinyl.

** Bonus Hint...If you do get some bleeding under your vinyl you can use a black laundry marker to clean it up. Of course this only works if you are using a black shirt. But it helps if you get a little crazy with the bleach

Monday, February 24, 2014

Need For Speed Shadow Box

My son loved his little cars when he was younger. He always pretended the cars were driving really fast and the police pulled them over. He played with them almost every day, and we rarely left the house without at least one in his pocket. But this too shall pass…ho hum. We recently cleaned out his toy box and I found all his beloved cars at the very bottom. He was hesitant to get rid of them but he also said, “I don’t really play with them anymore”. So when I saw the Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection in the Pazzles Craft Room. I knew right away what I was going to do with it! I purchased a 12×12 shadow box, took the back off, laid it face down and filled it with his most favorite cars. I used vinyl to cut the files out, layering them as I went and applied it to the glass front of the shadow box. He was so happy and even got a little sentimental when I gave it to him. I hope it provokes those feelings every time he sees it. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introducing The New Inspiration Vue

Woo Hoo! Its here!  YIPEEE!!!  The new Pazzles Vue!  This baby has everything! Is this exciting or what?!

We’ve been keeping a little secret at Pazzles for several months. Actually it’s a pretty big secret, and we are thrilled that we can finally share!

We’ve combined everything you love about the original Inspiration with some sleek new upgrades. More details will be coming soon, but here are the main highlights of the Inspiration Vue™ :
  • Precision print and cut with new optical eye
  • Slide out tray extension
  • Shorter waiting time for large projects
  • Tray tabs for improved mat feeding
  • Mac compatible software
  • Compatibility with existing Inspiration tools, mats and accessories
  • New colors
  • New lower price
The Inspiration Vue™ will begin shipping late Spring 2014. Preorders will be available March 10, 2014. Watch for more details on pricing and pre-order specials coming soon.

Go to for more information!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

4th of July Card

Ok, I know its a little early but I was in the mood..tee hee. I cut everything out using my Pazzles Creative Cutter. 

Chasin' the Clouds Away Card

Here is a card I made of course using my Pazzles Creative Cutter. The words are printed directly on the card.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Wanna know a HUGE secret? Well I can't tell But I can tell you that Pazzles has one too and they are going to announce it soon.  Believe me when I say, "you wont be dissapointed"!  Be sure to like the Pazzles Face Book page so you don't miss out!