Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I made this for one of my daughter's teachers who is a photographer in addition to being a teacher.  I made it with a couple of files I purchased from Urban Threads...love that site!  

I took the canvas off the frame by removing the staples on the back. I did not hoop my canvas as I thought it would leave hoop marks even after re-stretching it back onto the frame.  So I printed out my design from my embroidery software, cut it out and sprayed the back with Dritz Basting Spray.  I centered it on the canvas and gently adhered it.  Then I loaded my hoop with tearaway stabilizer. If you decide to do a denser stitch out I would us leave-in stabilizer. I haven't tried to stitch out a more traditional embroidery on canvas yet. I plan on trying it, but I wonder if the canvas will pucker or even support the denser stitching. Not sure, I will find out.  Once I hooped my tearaway I sprayed it with Dritz Basting Spray and loaded it onto my machine. Then I took my canvas with the printed version of the design adhered to it and put the needle through the center cross bars of the print out.  I made sure my canvas was straight and then pushed down on it gently to adhere it to the stabilizer. (Honestly, I use this technique every time I embroider. I never hoop my projects) Then I just hit go and it went...lol. It stitched out perfectly without a hitch.  After the design was done stitching out I removed the hoop from the machine and cut all my jump stitches.  Then I simply used an electric staple gun to re-wrap the canvas around the frame. It was easy, as the fold lines were already in place and I used the previous staple marks to re-staple.  I think it turned out great! I am making a bicycle one for my daughter's room next!  

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