Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Endless Possibilities!

Ok so we all know how much I love my Pazzles Creative Cutter, but I don't think I ever shared an embroidery project with you. I have the Singer SEQS 6000 another fabulous machine! But the Pazzles and the Singer together?...look out I'm gonna take over the world!...ok maybe just my part of it...tee hee.  I made these patches for our volleyball team using both machines together! I designed the patch using my Pazzles software, exported it in a JPG format then imported the JPG into my Singer software and viola, I created an embroidery file!  I design all my embroidery files this way. Which means I can take any clipart or vector file and not only use it as a cutting file but an embroidery file too!  I mean really, is there anything the Pazzles cannot do?  If you have an embroidery machine with auto punch software and a Pazzles Creative Cutter you have endless possibilities at your fingertips.  I also created the school logo in the Pazzles software and sewed it directly onto the duffel bag. The patches were ironed onto the side of the duffel bag.  The girls loved them!

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Beverly Herdt said...

Heidi, what a dynamic duo! The patches are wonderful!
Bev H