Saturday, October 3, 2015

Flat Bottomed Pumpkin Boxes

Fall is officially here! It is one of my favorite seasons, and a trip to the pumpkin patch is only secondary to decorating the house. I always wrap a leaf swag around my banister, put a festive fall wreath on the door, and add fun, fall themed items to just about every flat surface!
These stand up pumpkin boxes have a dual purpose. They can be made for decoration or to give as a gift. I chose to use them as décor for a shelf in my kitchen.
I added a stone in each of them to weight them down. I made them in three different sizes, and used three different pattered papers for interest.
The great thing about the Pazzles Vue is you can customize your pumpkins to any size you like. One idea is to make an extra-large pumpkin and use the candy cups from the Heart Shaped Valentines Box file and include lots of small gifts or candies, or you can make a smaller one and can use the gift card insert to add a gift card to the inside. The possibilities are endless. So whether you use them for décor, or for gift boxes, I hope you enjoy them, and they bring a little cheer to your fall season! You can get the pattern and instruction here in the Pazzles Library

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