Friday, February 6, 2015

Heart Shaped Box

Heart Candy Box Cutting Files

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! Why? Because of those big heart shaped boxes filled with those little round yummy pieces of chocolate! But alas, this year I am on a diet and I will not be indulging in one of them this Valentine’s Day. Every time I pass them in the store I stick my bottom lip out like a pouting child, because I know I can’t have one. That got me thinking about how many other people won’t be able to enjoy one for any number of reasons. Be it because of a diet, health reasons or because they just don’t like the candy that comes inside those beautiful heart shaped boxes. So I created a heart shaped box for myself and for all those other deprived valentiner’s that can’t have those yummy chocolates.

I designed this pretty valentine heart shaped box and candy cups so that you can put anything in them that your recipient would like. I added candy to mine, as it is for my son’s teacher, but you could add money, sugar free or homemade candy, chocolate dipped strawberries or even small toys inside of yours. I used foiled cardstock to make mine, but regular cardstock will work just fine. The heart topper was created using the WYSIWYG technique in the Inspiration Studio Pro software, and is included in the cutting file, but you can choose to decorate yours any way you like. Decorate with flowers, words, a paper piecing, or even your recipient’s name or monogram. I am sure that any way you decorate it, the recipient will be delighted, as its contents will be customized to what they like and they will know you cared enough to put it together for them.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!
I’ve included the directions and the cutting files for the heart box, candy cups, and heart topper. Enjoy!

Click here for the PDF instructions for the Heart Candy Box

Click here for the Heart Candy Box cutting files in WPC
Click here for the Heart Candy Box cutting files in AI and SVG

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Gail (gwest1955) said...

This is a lovely design. Where would I be able to get the Candy Cup SVG file?